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      [250] Lettre de La Salle La Barre, Fort St. Louis, 2 Avril, 1683. The above is condensed from passages in the original.THE HURON MISSION ABANDONED.

      Master, master, what have you taken into your head?

      285 The twitching of the sick mans hands gradually ceased. The physician rose softly and went to Polycles.

      It was three o'clock in the morning when Le Jeune knocked at the door of his rude little convent on the St. Charles; and the Fathers, springing in joyful haste from their slumbers, embraced their long absent Superior with ejaculations of praise and benediction. *** Lettre du Roi a Queylus, 27 Feb., 1660.

      [6] Relation des Hurons, 1642, 89. The indecencies alluded to were chiefly naked dances, of a superstitious character, and the mystical cure called Andacwandet, before mentioned.They passed the prairie, and neared the forest. Here they saw buffalo; and the hunters approached, and killed several of them. Then they traversed the woods; found and forded the shallow and rushy stream, and pushed through the forest beyond, till they again reached the open prairie. Heavy clouds gathered over them, and it rained all night; but they sheltered themselves under the fresh hides of the buffalo they had killed.

      Lycon poled the boat between the buildings. Suddenly it was shaken from stem to stern by a strange, mysterious shock, which congealed the blood in Lycons veins. This shock was repeated, though the boat was floating in water three ells deep and had not run against anything.

      Bourdon replied by a violent appeal from the


      of the governor and intendant with the minister, betweenLa Salle drew up a long list of articles, defining the respective rights and functions of himself and Beaujeu, to whom he presented it for signature. Beaujeu demurred at certain military honors demanded by La Salle, saying that if a marshal of France should come on board his ship, he would have none left to offer him. The point was referred to the naval intendant; and the articles of the treaty having been slightly modified, Beaujeu set his name to it. "By this," he says, "you can judge better of the character of M. de la Salle than by all I can say. He is a man who wants smoke [form and ceremony]. I will give him his fill of it, and, perhaps, more than he likes.



      Well! Sthenelus can tell you what rumor says of them.