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      "Oh all right, Jones. Go as far as you like."

      "Now keep yer eyes skinned," said Si to Shorty as they trailed along through the woods and fields and over fences, on one of the flanks. "If any of them raskils comes dodgin' 'round here let's try 'n' have the first crack at 'em 'n' git the bulge on the rest o' the boys!"

      "Gracious me!" said Si, devouring the spectacle with his eyes. "How I wish that father and mother and sister could see all this. It's worth going through a great deal to see this.""Bring that man out!" said he sternly to one of the guards.

      CHAPTER VI. LETTER FROM HOMEThe next time fatigue duty was ordered Si thought he felt well enough to go along with the boys.

      O'er the land of the free,


      Shorty thrust the letter back into his blousepocket, sprang forward, picked the man up in his strong arms, and carried him bodily to the hospital. It taxed his strength to the utmost, but it sobered him and cleared his brain."Just look here now. Si," said Shorty, "you can't play that on me. How about that rosy-cheeked girl up in Posey County?"


      "There is more evidence," said Pen. "It appears that according to the law a druggist may not sell such poisons without a doctor's prescription. A search was conducted through the various drug-stores in the neighborhood, and several prescriptions for cyanide traced back. One was traced to the man who occupies that house on Thirty-Ninth street." Oh, receive my soul at last."


      "Is it a bargain?" she said suddenly, stretching out her long, skinny hand. Way down in Tennessee,"