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      "Blushing! Every time I get a little warm--" The speaker rose to go, but the sister kept her hand:

      There will be plenty of room for them at Belfayre, said Lady Wyndover, with a sigh of profound satisfaction. Of course, you will live there. The duke is an old man, and will be glad to have you and Trafford with him. He is so fond of you, dear. Of course, I dont know what plans youve made[156] about the honey-moon, but you might spend it at that pretty little place of mine in Surrey. You havent seen it yet. It really is a charming place; quite a box, of course; but it will be quite large enough for you two. I think its a mistake for a newly married couple to go to a big house, with a mob of servants; they want to be alone, to moon about, and all that. But, perhaps, you would like to go on the Continent.Esmeralda smiled absently.

      We have arrived, Trafford said. Are you rested, dearest?

      The ladies laughed again, but now Kincaid found them a distraction. Following his glance cityward they espied a broad dust-cloud floating off toward the river. He turned to Anna and softly cried, "Here come your guns, trying to beat the train!"


      Its not Barkers fault, said Esmeralda. It doesnt matter; I shall do. Lady Lilias and I have been romping.



      How incredible was the hour. Looking out on the soft gray sky and river and down into the camp, that still kept such quiet show of routine, or passing down the broad hall stair, through the library and into the flowery breakfast room, how keenly real everything that met the eye, how unreal whatever was beyond sight. How vividly actual this lovely home in the sweet ease and kind grace of its lines and adornments. How hard to move with reference to things unseen, when heart and mind and all power of realizing unseen things were far away in the ravaged fields, mangled roads and haunted woods and ravines between Corinth and Shiloh.