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      He drew down in his sights as carefully as he could in the darkness, and pulled the trigger. As the smoke thinned out a little he thought he saw something beyond which indicated a man staggering and falling."Just a joke too. You're so glum, Caroyou take everything so seriously. There's nothing really serious in a kiss."

      "But you can't help loving, surelye."

      The woman was helped into the trap, and after some discussion it was decided not to give themselves the trouble of taking the tramp to the police station, but to pull him to the side of the road and leave him to the consequences he had brought upon himself.

      "Yes," said Lieut. Bowersox, only too glad of the opportunity. "I saw it all. Gallant a thing as was ever done. Simply magnificent. Thrills me to think about it. I tell you that fellow's a soldier all the way through.

      "They teach me," Cadnan said. "But I am still a slave, because they teach me. I do not teach them."The cannonading in the distance grew fiercer, and regiments could be seen rushing up at the doublequick. Long, shrill rebel yells came from the hilltops, and were answered by volleys and deep-toned cheers.


      Cadnan, in the silence, was suddenly tempted to make a noise, any sort of noisebut it seemed impossible to create sound. The quiet dimness wrapped him like a blanket. He took another step."The young one has come to learn. He has come to know the truths." He looked around at the others and then went on: "His name is Cadnan. He wishes to have your names. Let him have your names."