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      She warned him to avoid the paler spots in the road. These were patches of sand. "Doesn't matter so much if they find my tracks," she said, "anybody around here would tell them that I am always wandering."

      For a few minutes Si and Shorty stood appalled at the deafening crash and the shocking destruction. Then they saw the rebels reel and fly before the tornado of death.114"What'd they want with your old car door? Get away from here, before I lose my temper and do you damage."

      "Good!" he said. "All they say against money may be true, but just the same when people make out to despise it they're lying.""Wait a minute! ... Let me think! ... It's damn funny! ... Riever! ... My God!"

      "I'm sorry now. I have thought better of it."

      Some of the staff laughed loudly, but the General checked them with a look, and spoke encouragingly to the Deacon.

      "But whah'm I tuh go?" reiterated the negro hopelessly.


      "This man will tell Riever that I didn't intend to bring you in," said Pen."You have to bear on hard," said the veteran, with a grim smile.


      THERE come times in every man's life when he feels himself part of the sunshine that illumines and warms the earth: