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      Mrs Goodford finished her plum tart.

      Isabella, although, of course, never acknowledging her share in the writ, yet, as some atonement, gave a large benefaction to Hailes Abbey, on condition that a certain number of masses should be offered up for Edith.

      "By the green wax, but I do! I can never practise my own calling again; and, at any rate, have tried cheating, and lying, and so on, long enoughand what have I got by them?the honestest blockhead in England cannot be worse off than John Oakley! So, as I have said, I shall e'en try what honesty will do! Besides, I owe them something for saving me from the gallows. But I cannot do without drink!and drink, except a beggarly cup of ale or so, is not to be had among themand so, steward, you must give me money."

      "Say, stranger, how far does this thing fly before it lights?"


      He had grasped the back of a chair that stood near him, and leaned on it heavily. Then recovering his steadiness he spoke again.A GENTLEMAN OF CHIN-KIANG. A GENTLEMAN OF CHIN-KIANG.


      "I brought a winding-sheet," replied the stranger; "and when the grave is dug, and the coast clear, I'll wrap it round poor Edith, and lay her in my cloakand ye will hold the corners."


      SPERM-WHALE. SPERM-WHALE.No; I was going to mention it to you to-day, sir, he said.