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      Barker opened the box, and proceeded to disentomb its contents."Do you think he will be at church?" asked Allegra, the pronoun standing for Mr. Crowther.

      That water journey to Falmouth was delicious upon such a morning, and it needed not a brass band of three men and a boy, blaring out the new and popular music-hall song of the year before last, to enliven the voyage. Those arable lands yonder, undulating with every curve of the ever-varying coast-line, the emerald green of young corn shining in the sunlight, copse and spinney here and there in the clefts and hollows, the Gribbin Head standing up stony and grim on the crest of the topmost hill, and, anon, Par harbour lying low upon the level sands, and then this point and that, till they meet the gallant fleet of fishing-boats sailing out from Mevagissey, like a peaceful Armada, and skim past the haven, and the little town and quay crowded at the foot of the hill, and the coastguard's stronghold yonder, high up against the bright blue sky, whiter than any other mortal habitation ever was or will be. And so to Falmouth, with porpoises playing under their bows, like sportive dolphins, as if they carried Dionysius or Arion on their decka brief summer sail, in the keen sweet air of an English summer. To Martin Disney's British nostrils that atmosphere seemed soul-inspiring, the[Pg 94] very breath of life and gladness, after the experiences of a hot-weather campaign.

      "You will have room enough to stretch your legs at the Mount," said Disney.

      The dinner seemed to Esmeralda interminable, and, after a time, she grew tired of saying, No, thank you, to the long array of dishes and wines which the noiseless servants offered her. The duke himself cut some grapes for her, and selected some of the largest of the hot-house strawberries, and was so engaged with her that he did not notice Liliass attempts to signal for the ladies to leave the room. They could hear him talking to Esmeralda as if he had known her for years.

      Is there no looking-glass at Lady Wyndovers? he asked. Has no one told you that you are very beautiful?


      Why? My dear child, how can you ask? Lord Trafford is the best parti in London. He is not only the Marquis of Trafford, but he will be the Duke of Belfayre. The dukedom is one of the oldest in England. Belfayre is one of the most magnificent places in Europein the world! My dear Esmeralda, you have done splendidly! I am proud of you!


      He took a step toward the door, then stopped, for her hand detained him. If he had gone to the door he would have discovered a girlish form standing, with white face, behind it; would have found Esmeralda herself.